Nexus RMGI

Resin-Modified Glass Ionomer Luting Cement

Nexus RMGI

Speed Up the Cleanup

  • Tack cure: 2-3 seconds
  • Gel state is achieved when cement reaches rubbery consistency
  • Set time, self cure: <4.5 minutes (at oral temp)
  • Working time: ≥ 1.5 minutes
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Only Kerr Nexus™ RMGI combines One-Peel™ cleanup, tack cure capability, and outstanding bond strength for consistent predictable outcomes.

As the first RMGI available with advanced Nexus™ Technology, Nexus RMGI provides an optimal gel state and 2–3 second tack cure capability to ensure easier cleanup each and every time. The unique self-adhering paste/paste system delivers outstanding bond strength to tooth structures and common substrates—significantly higher than with other RMGI products.* Delivered in a convenient automix syringe, Nexus RMGI is the cement of choice for exceptional results.

One-Peel™ cleanup

Nexus Technology’s advanced initiator systems (redox and photo) enable an optimal gel state and tack cure capability where One Peel excess cement removal is possible after waiting for gel state or tack-curing

Outstanding durability

Self-adhesive paste/paste dual adhesive technology delivers significantly higher bond, compressive and flexural strengths which provide improved durability and marginal integrity

Improved esthetics

BPO-free and Amine-free chemistry combines for optimum translucency with exceptional color stability

Expect exceptional product performance

Through an exclusive combination of premium features, Nexus RMGI additionally provides:

  • Ultra-low film thickness to ensure excellent marginal fit
  • Increased radiopacity (217% Al)
  • Sustained fluoride release
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