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Part Numbers

SonicFill Intro Kit Part# 34924

Contains: 1 SonicFill Handpiece, 40 Unidose Tips in A2, 10 Unidose Tips in A1,
10 Unidose Tips in A3, 1 Getting Started Kit, Directions for Use, Technique
Guide and Technique Video

SonicFill Value Kit Part# 35150

Contains: 1 SonicFill Handpiece, 40 Unidose Tips in A1, 40 Unidose Tips in A3,
220 Unidose Tips in A2, Directions for Use and Technique Guide

SonicFill Unidose Refills
  • Each refill contains 20 Unidose Tips (0.3 g each)
  • SonicFill Composite A1 Part# 34921
  • SonicFill Composite A2 Part# 34922
  • SonicFill Composite A3 Part# 34923
  • SonicFill Composite B1 Part #35285
Handpiece and Accessories
  • SonicFill Handpiece Part# 35215
  • Kerr MULTIflex Coupling Part# 35134
  • SonicFill Handpiece Lubrication Spray Part# 35207
    Contains: 1 Canisters of SonicFill Handpiece :ubrication Spray and 1 Nozzle.

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