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BluWhite Diamond Burs

BluWhite Diamond Burs
  • Unique diamond application process ensures excellent diamond particle retention and cutting surface throughout multiple uses
  • Widest selection of grit sizes, including Extra Coarse for rapid gross reduction
  • Full selection of shapes to accommodate any clinical indication or prep design
  • Outstanding cutting efficiency reduces chatter and instrument wear and tear characteristics

As of April 1, 2010 BluWhite Diamond Burs is also available through Axis Dental. Click here to be directed to Axis Dental.

BluWhite Diamond Burs
cut faster and clean easier than other leading manufacturers due to the unique grit application process, which helps reduce clogging and improves cutting efficiency. With a wide selection of shapes and grits, including unique extra coarse diamond particles (40% larger than competitors), BluWhite diamonds offer a great option for any operative or prosthodontic procedure time after time.

 REALITY's Choice
4 Star Award 2006

4 Star Reality award


Burs Straight Fissure

Burs Chart Curettage

Burs Chart Round

Burs Chart Shoulder

Burs Chart Football Burs Chart Donut
Burs Chart Amalgam Removal Burs Chart Amalgam Removal
Burs Chart Barrel Burs Chart Pear
Burs Chart Inverted Cone

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