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Hemostatic Agent

Hemostasyl, hemostatic agent from Kerr
  • Excellent handling. Non-slumping. Stays in place so only a small amount of material is required.
  • Safe and effective. 15% aluminum chloride paste is highly effective at controlling bleeding without staining or discoloring surrounding tissue, or risking possible cell damage.
  • Contrasting color. Bright turquoise blue color offers sharp contrast with soft/hard tissue to easily see the product and facilitate cleanup.
  • Easy application. 2 g syringe with angled tip for easy access and precise placement. 
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Hemostasyl™ stops bleeding and controls fluids without the chance of staining common to other hemostatic agents, so there is no compromise to esthetics. Excellent handling properties make it easy to place for Class V composite restorations, cementation, and scaling in perio cases. And Hemostasyl adheres well to tissue for a more efficient, economical use of material. So when moderate bleeding occurs and gingival retraction is not required - use Hemostasyl. Your patients will enjoy the pleasant taste.

Hemostasyl Viscosity Comparison

Hemostasyl is only available in the USA at this time.

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