Volume Machine by Renfert

Impression Materials

Impression mixing machine

  • Fills a tray in less than 30 seconds.
  • No more wasting time cleaning cartridges or extruders.
  • Easy, intuitive controls.
  • Precision-engineered hydraulics for dependable operation and minimal downtime.


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The Volume™ Machine by Renfert handles the tough task of mixing and dispensing medium and heavy-viscosity impression materials with ease. It automates the process to provide welcome relief from the slow dispensing and hand fatigue experienced with traditional cartridge delivery systems. This unit is a contained hydraulic system that is precision-engineered for reliability and sealed off from potential contaminants. The sleek sturdy profile conserves counter space and won't tip during use. An easy-to-read sensor shows how much material is remaining. The new Volume Machine builds upon Kerr's tradition of excellence in crown and bridge dentistry, no matter which of our materials you choose. Our respected family of impression material brands is now made even stronger by the Volume Machine automatic dispensing system.


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Volume Machine - Instructions for Use
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