NTI® Soft Tissue Trimmer

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Integrating new technology into a modern dental practice has become an everyday fact of life. Some of these new clinical products make clinical chairside dentistry less complicated and more productive. The NTI® Soft Tissue Trimmer by Kerr Rotary, is a flame shaped hard oxide ceramic cylinder. It is used in the high-speed handpiece at full RPM without water coolant spray to excise and contour soft gingival tissue with minimal bleeding. Unlike radiosurgery or electrosurgery, there is little risk of over-heating the surgical site and compromising the bone.


  • Contouring of gingiva for cosmetics
  • Contouring of inflamed gingival soft tissue
  • Widening the sulcus for fixed prosthodontic impressions
  • Exposing deep cervical caries or external resorption
  • Operculectomy
  • Recovering intraosseous implants
  • Exposing partially erupted wisdom / fractured teeth
  • Excising granulation tissue
  • Crown lengthening
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NTI Tissue Trimmer - Instructions for Use
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