Germ Fighter Kit


Key products to fight the spread of germs

Arm yourself with the tools to fight the spread of germs before it hits you.  Follow these simple key steps and drastically reduce the possibility of cross contamination. With these products, you’ll be sure to help combat the flu.

  • CaviCide™ and CaviWipes™. Kills TB in 3 minutes! Clean, disinfect, and decontaminate the hard, non-porous surfaces in your facility with speed and confidence.
  • Pinnacle™ Cover All™ is a thin sheet of adhesive plastic effectively covers anything you might touch during a procedure. Trust Pinnacle, the brand of barriers that have passed blood and viral penetration testing.
  • VioNex™ AntiMicrobial Liquid Soap is intended for handwashing between routine patient contact, procedures, after exposure to potential germs and after removal of personal protective equipment.
  • VioNexus™ No Rinse Spray, an antiseptic handwash used as a moisturizing waterless skin sanitizer. The 65.8% ethanol, 0.10% benzalkonium chloride formula contains emollients and is recommended for repeated use.
  • Googles™ Eye Shields Office Pack — allow for easier lens attachment and replacement. With larger lens for increased protection, yet not bulky or boxy. Now with a sleek, rounded frame, so no more sharp edges or accidental scratches.

Germ Fighter Kit

Germ Fighter Kit
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