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SonicFill™ 2

Zahnärztliche Komposits

SonicFill Bulk-Fill-Kompositsystem

Das auf der preisgekrönten Performance seines Vorgängers aufbauende SonicFill 2 erfüllt die wichtigsten Anforderungen an ein erfolgreiches Bulk-Fill-Verfahren, das Zahnärzte verdienen und erwarten.

  • Ausgezeichnete Adaptation und Handhabung
  • Hohe Aushärtungstiefe
  • Dauerhafte Integrität des Randes
  • Verbesserte Ästhetik, Haltbarkeit und längere Verarbeitungszeit

Das SonicFill 2 Bulk-Fill-Kompositsystem verwandelt mühsame, monotone Seitenzahnrestaurationen in ein einfaches und zuverlässiges Einbringen des Füllungsmaterials: Füllen Sie Kavitäten bis zu 5 mm Tiefe mit einer einzigen Portion, mit einem einzigen Material – und ohne Liner oder Überkappungsschicht.




36047Unidose Nachfüllpackung A1 Inhalt: 20 x 0,25 g Unidose™-Spitzen
36048Unidose Nachfüllpackung A2 Inhalt: 20 x 0,25 g Unidose™-Spitzen
36049Unidose Nachfüllpackung A3 Inhalt: 20 x 0,25 g Unidose™-Spitzen
36050Unidose Nachfüllpackung B1 Inhalt: 20 x 0,25 g Unidose™-Spitzen


1.007.7401.DESonicFill Einführungskit Inhalt: 1 x SonicFill Handstück, 1 x Starter-Packung mit 5 Unidose-Spitzen und 5 Zahnmodellen, 10 x 0,25 g SonicFill Unidose-Spitzen A1, 20 x 0,25 g SonicFill Unidose-Spitzen A2, 30 x 0,25 g SonicFill Unidose-Spitzen A3, Videoanleitung auf DVD, Technikkarte, Gebrauchsanweisung SonicFill Komposit, Gebrauchsanweisung SonicFill Handstück


1.007.7400.DESonicFill Handstück Inhalt: 1 x SonicFill™ Handstück, Gebrauchsanweisung


0.553.1210Multiflex-Kupplung 457
1.007.3197Multiflex-Kupplung 465LED

Wie funktioniert es?

Das SonicFill-Komposit enthält eine hochgefüllte patentierte Kunststoffmatrix mit speziellen Modifikatoren, die auf Schallenergie reagieren. Sobald das Handstück Schallenergie überträgt, fällt die Viskosität des Komposits schlagartig ab (um bis zu 84 %). Damit erhöht sich die Fließfähigkeit des Komposits, was ein schnelles Legen der Füllung und eine präzise Adaptation an die Kavitätenwände erlaubt. Wird die Schallenergie gestoppt, kehrt das Komposit in einen Zustand höherer Viskosität und Standfestigkeit zurück und lässt sich dann perfekt formen und konturieren.


Alles über Ihr SonicFill-Handstück

Das SonicFill-Handstück ist luftgetrieben und wird mit einer MULTIflex-kompatiblen Kupplung an die Behandlungseinheit angeschlossen. Der empfohlene Betriebsdruck liegt bei 36–50 psi. Die Abgabegeschwindigkeit wird durch Drehen des Reglerrings an der Basis des Handstücks eingestellt. Die Abgabegeschwindigkeit in den Stufen 1 bis 5 betrifft nur die Fließgeschwindigkeit des Komposits – sie verändert die Viskosität des Komposits nicht.

Reinigung und Wartung

Das SonicFill-Handstück erfordert grundlegende Wartungsmaßnahmen. 

  • Es können automatische Reinigungsgeräte wie das QuattroCare™ verwendet werden oder es erfolgt eine manuelle Reinigung. Automatische Reinigungsgeräte anderer Hersteller funktionieren ebenfalls – weitere Informationen finden Sie in der Gebrauchsanweisung des Handstücks.

Vereinfachten Verfahren

Wie wird der dentale Eingriff vereinfacht?

  • SonicFill™ 2 füllt Kavitäten von bis zu 5 mm in einem Schritt und mit einem Material – ohne Liner oder Überkappungsschicht.
  • Sorgt für eine gute Anhaftung an den Wänden der Kavität und hat ausgezeichnete mechanische Eigenschaften.
  • Keine mühsame, monotone posteriore Dentalrestaurationen mehr, sondern einfaches, zuverlässiges Einbringen des Single-Fill™-Materials.

Wie funktioniert das?

Das urheberrechtlich geschützte hochgefüllte Komposit mit rheologischer Komponente reagiert auf die Schallenergie des KaVo-Handstücks.



Bei Aktivierung der Schallenergie sinkt die Viskosität, sodass das Komposit schnell eingebracht und präzise auf die Wände der Kavität aufgetragen werden kann.




Wenn die Schallenergie abgeschaltet wird, wird das Komposit wieder viskoser und zäher und damit ideal für den Schritt des Schnitzens und Modellierens.



Dr. Ralph Reyes shares his thoughts on SonicFill™2 bulk-fill composite
Dr. Craig Shore talks about his experience with SonicFill™2 Bulk-Fill Composite
Dr. Jacklyn Azarian on SonicFill™2 bulk-fill composite
SonicFill™ 2 adaptation
SonicFill™ 2 Bulk Fill Composite Demonstration


The industry is talking about SonicFill – the bulk fill dental composite system that uses sonic energy to make posterior restorations easier, faster and more profitable than you ever imagined. See what your peers have to say about this innovative solution.

NOTE: Some material on this page focuses on the original SonciFill™ but is also relevant for SonicFill™ 2.

Among bulk fills, SonicFill continues to be in a class by itself with a 5mm fill in less than 5 seconds, superior adaptation, fantastic handling, high strength and no additional liner or capping layers needed. SonicFill 2 now adds an easily obtained high polish, even lower wear, less ambient light sensitivity and, with less translucency, an even better blend. So it is easy to see why the SonicFill brand will remain the market leader in this category of composites.
Dr. Ron Jackson
Along with its low shrinkage stress and high depth of cure, SonicFill 2 enables successful bulk fill procedures with seamless simplicity and efficiency. This is what dentists deserve and expect.
Parag R. Kachalia
Finally, a practical, efficient technique for placing posterior composites in one, single, esthetic, bulk fill increment. SonicFill is a game changer.
Dr. Ron Jackson
Are you ready for the next step in the evolution of direct composite delivery? SonicFill will change the way composites are done forever! Simplicity and perfection in one step.
Dr. Robert Lowe
SonicFill makes composite restorations easy, effective and efficient by utilizing a new technology. Now clinicians can bulk fill preparations without a concern of shrinkage or marginal discrepancy.
Dr. Ara Nazarian
Sonicfill makes direct resin restorations fun again. Bottom-line. The new patented resin technology enables the practitioner to place a posterior direct resin more quickly, efficiently, and profitably than traditional techniques. All without sacrificing quality.
Dr. Chris Pescatore
Without a doubt, SonicFill is the best handling posterior composite I've ever used...the more I use it, the more I like it!
Dr. Gary M. Radz
Sonicfill's unique delivery system and material handling qualities will assure the clinician that the restoration will be filled in the most expedient manner technology can deliver. Sonicfill is especially valuable in class II restorations, giving the dentist confidence that the entire restoration will be sealed for predictable long-term results
Dr. Steven Poss
SonicFill gives me the ability to place direct restorations predictably and efficiently. The end result is a quality restoration, a productive dentist, and a satisfied patient
Dr. Daniel Rovirosa
When I die I want to be buried with a picture of my wife, a picture of my daughter, and my SonicFill
Dr. John Sherwood, Palmerton, PA
When you use SonicFill you feel more confident in what you’re doing.
Dr. Greg Gillespie, Vancouver, WA
SonicFill is a great application for cores under crowns and bridge after root canal treatment. Often the access opening is small making it difficult to fill. We have found SonicFill to be "user friendly" in treating children
Dr. David Slekovich, Livonia, MI
I love SonicFill, less voids, much easier to place the composite, faster. Also, I love using XTR bonding knowing that I am getting a 40 mpa bond to enamel and less sensitivity with dentin. Thanks for the innovations.
Dr. James W. W. McCreight, Steamboat Springs, CO LVI Clinical Instructor
I have used the system for one year following last year's Core3. SonicFill is easy to use and makes direct restorations fast, predictable, aesthetic and fun. It's a definite move up from the previous method I used when placing composites. It is also reassuring to know that Ron Jackson approves of the product considering his level of understanding of the chemistry of composites and the fact that he uses SonicFill on his own patients. SonicFill has definitely improved my dentistry and I'm grateful for that. If you are committed to doing high quality dentistry this system is a must.
Dr. Mark Tompkins, Cornelius, NC, LVI Clinical Instructor
I have been using SonicFill for about 2 years. I can't say enough about this product. It is a real game changer. My ability to place posterior composite has never been better or easier. Patients are amazed at how quickly we are able to complete their treatment. The results are simply incredible. No more layering. Anatomy can be established quickly and there is little or no polishing needed. In addition the material just disappears after curing. I no longer dread that quadrant of posterior composites at the end of the day.
Dr. Larry Evola, Lancaster, NY, LVI Clinical Instructor
I have practiced dentistry for 24 years and have hated posterior composite resin restorations for all 24 years. Two recent Kerr products have revolutionized my feelings. One is OptiBond XTR that has eliminated many postoperative sensitivity issues. The second is SonicFill. Because the material is so superior in handling and adaptability without sticking to the instruments, the restorations pack easier and better. For the first time in 24 years, I actually do not mind doing posterior resins!
Dr. Michael F Cronin, Leominster MA
I have a graduate working with me and I'm jealous of how he gets to come into dentistry in the SonicFill era. All those years of having to do composites the slow, technically difficult way nearly made me give up altogether. Now I'm not only doing them faster, I'm much more confident in the quality, and it's just downright fun!
Dr. Dan Andrews, Altona North, VIC AU
SonicFill is great stuff. It has great handling properties. I like the fact that you don't have near the problem of incorporating voids between layers. It seems to stay where you put it without a pullback.
Dr. Stan Hirst, Minot, ND
Using the SonicFill product has given more & more confidence that I can place restorations with no void or gaps in the matrix
Dr. Bethany Jensen, Minot, ND
I have been using SonicFill for about 6 months along with the OptiBond XTR and have truly enjoyed placing restorations that are well sealed and of superior strength and integrity.In deeper areas, I still use a flowable under the SonicFill just out of habit!!
Dr. John Hill, Ottawa, ON
Used a SonicFill Demo on pediatric patients for a month and loved the product. Makes restoring teeth so much more efficient, and the material looks great. Nothing but positive things to say about this device.
Dr. Wesley Barton, Boston, MA
I have been in practice for 35 years. One year ago, I purchased SonicFill and fell in LOVE with it immediately. It is so easy and works fantastic. Great results!
Dr. Mel Markham, Westminster, CA
I love the simplicity of the delivery system. Works well and provides a Very dense fill with NO VOIDS. Love the product!
Dr. Douglas Bohne, Mission Viejo, CA
In pediatric patients, where working time can be limited, SonicFill is a must have. Every pediatric dentist should add SonicFill to their arsenal.
Dr. John De Lorme, Mission Viejo, CA
I haven't had one sensitive tooth since using OptiBond XTR and SonicFill (SF), and I have done over 500 SF restorations. It's given me a renewed interest in composite restorations. The greatest Time Saver and Money Maker in history. We did in one day around $6K in less than 3 hours…
Dr. R.J. Smith, Covina, CA
Works great! It's idiot proof!
Dr. Ronald Fujioka, Covina, CA
The sonic unit makes the composite flow well enough to completely fill the whole interproximal boxes, never leaving any space, bubble or voids, no matter how deep the box is. The material is beautiful and easy to handle and sculpt. It is fast to fill and cure even large restorations. When I am finished, the margins are all closed and the tooth looks like it was before it had any caries! The filling is invisible! I have been waiting for this material for at least 12 years. I am so happy!
Dr. Keyla Springe, Paso Robles, CA
Contacts are MUCH better. Easy to clean-up and I love the radiopacity and, it handles beautifully…packs up against the cavosurfaces nicely. It's easier to work with and carves up nicely…and, no voids
Dr. Dan Sizemore, San Dimas, CA
SonicFill has drastically improved the quality of my posterior resins. I love the way this material flows evenly, eliminating voids and bubbles. The speed in which I can place them is also a plus. Consistency I can depend on, quality I love!
Dr. Nina Foley, Franklin, TN
SonicFill is a real "game changer" in placing posterior composites. I can't say enough about the benefits of the ease of placement. The time savings alone will pay for the handpiece after 3 restorations. It also helps lessen the physical stress on the operator, the assistant, and most importantly on the patient. The decision to use it is really a no brainer as there is nothing that can compete with the advantages. If there is anything better out on the market I would like to know about it
Dr. Max Ebrahimian, Scotts Valley, CA
SonicFill combines superior handling quality with excellent esthetics, all in the most efficient delivery system on the market. If you're placing posterior composites, you cannot afford to go without this system!
Dr. Ariana Ebrahimian, Scotts Valley, CA
SonicFill allows me to place very deep posterior resins with confidence in one step. My patients are very happy with the result and with the fact that it takes less time. I was so happy with the one I bought that I purchased two more
Dr. R. Shawn Essey, Pittsburgh, PA
I frequently found composite posterior restorations tedious. SonicFill has rejuvenated my experience. I find placement to be easy, quick, and a pleasure to suggest to my patients. The headaches are gone
Dr. Robert J. Varone, Warwick, RI
SonicFill has simplified my life. My posterior composites take less time, look nicer, and have less sensitivity. The final restoration has an incredible chameleon effect. The final restoration looks very similar to a porcelain restoration at a fraction of the cost to my patients. Thanks for making posterior composites fun again
Dr. Jonathan Nelson, Windsor, CO
Absolutely LOVE the SonicFill system. It is easy to place and gives you the confidence that you are eliminating any voids in a composite. Having one was not enough, I needed one for each restorative operatory. It also makes core buildups a breeze and very solid when prepping for a crown. Thanks
Dr. Tamara Berg, Yukon, OK
SonicFill has changed my practice for the better! I used to dread appointments with back to back Class II composites. Now I look forward to completing treatment efficiently and successfully with the SonicFill. It is also a huge help with large Build-ups. I use the SonicFill any time I can-- it makes dentistry more fun and more predictable for me
Dr. Stefanie Shore, Carmichael, CA
I began using SonicFill in April of 2012. I only place composites in my office and restore each myself. With only so much procedure time in a day anything that can increase the speed of a procedure is an immediate boost to the practice. After analyzing procedure times I have found it saves me about 5 minutes per tooth. That adds up quickly over time allowing me to see 2-3 extra patients a week. I have also been very pleased with the quality of the restorations and handling of the material. It has been especially useful for pediatric patients due to the decreased time to fill allowing for better results due to decreased time needed for isolation.
Dr. Jonathan Woodyard, Paducah, KY
SonicFill makes it easier to fill posterior composites void free and it's quick and easy.
Dr. John Day, Lansing, MI
Excellent system. Improved time efficiency and improved the quality of posterior composites polishing and contact.
Dr. Ron Goodman, Warren, MI
Makes posterior composites fun. Proximal contacts seem easier to maintain and patients seem to have way less sensitivity.
Dr. Gary Krebill, Kalamazoo, MI
The SonicFill has made filling all composite restorations easy. What a great product. Everyone should own one!
Dr. Carl Papa, Roseville, MI
I love the way SonicFill feels, flows and fills. It packs well with no bubbles and fills quickly.
Dr. Charles Zammit, Southgate, MI
SonicFill has reduced the amount of time I need to schedule for my restorative appointments. Easy to use, great contacts, excellent esthetics. A true game changer!
Dr. Mark J. Birnbach, Boulder, CO
I started using SonicFill just weeks after it became available in Canada. Using SonicFill in combination with the incredible knowledge that Dr. Jackson shared about adhesion, I looked at my assistant a few weeks later and said, 'We are doing the best dentistry we've ever done.' I have many colleagues who are sharing the same sentiments and it's awesome!
Dr. Drew Markham, Huntsville, Ont
have been using SonicFill in the office for over a year now. It has quickly become one of those things I couldn't practice without. The convenience is extraordinary, but the best part is how easily it flows into the tooth and into the preparation box forms. There are no voids, no unfilled areas, no gaps. The material is also very easy to handle and has great esthetics. It has allowed me to place composites much faster, much easier and with a much better final result
Dr. Kent Johnson, Park City, UT


Kann ich mein vorhandenes SonicFill-Handstück für SonicFill 2 verwenden?


Welcher Luftdruck sollte an der Behandlungseinheit für das SonicFill-Handstück eingestellt werden?

Der ideale Luftdruck beträgt 36-50 psi.

Kann ich das SonicFill-Handstück an jeder Luftleitung in meiner Praxis verwenden?

Ja, SonicFill kann an jeder Luftleitung verwendet werden, die den richtigen Druck hat und mit einer MULTIflex-Kupplung ausgestattet ist.

Funktioniert das SonicFill-Handstück mit jeder MULTIflex-Kupplung?


Kann ich ein automatisches Reinigungssystem wie QuattroCare™ mit dem SonicFill-Handstück verwenden?

Ja, das SonicFill-Handstück kann mit automatischen Systemen gereinigt werden. Bitte beachten Sie die Herstellergebrauchsanweisung für das Reinigungssystem und lesen Sie die Gebrauchsanweisung des Handstücks in Bezug auf die Verwendung dieser Systeme.

Wenn ich kein automatisches Reinigungssystem habe, welche Art von Wartung sollte dann am SonicFill-Handstück erfolgen?

Vor der Desinfektion sollte das Handstück nach Gebrauch mit einer Bürste unter fließendem Wasser gereinigt werden. 

Welche Produkte werden für die manuelle Desinfektion des SonicFill-Handstücks empfohlen?

Kerr empfiehlt CaviCide™ oder CaviWipes™ von Kerr Prevention für die Desinfektion.

Muss das Wasser an der Behandlungseinheit abgestellt werden, wenn das SonicFill-Handstück verwendet wird?

Nein. Der O-Ring an der MULTIflex-Kupplung blockiert den Wasserfluss in das Handstück. Wenn der O-Ring beschädigt ist, kann Wasser hinten aus dem Handstück austreten, aber das Handstück wird nicht beschädigt. Das bedeutet lediglich, dass der O-Ring an der Kupplung abgenutzt ist und ersetzt werden sollte.

Kann ich andere Komposite mit dem SonicFill-Handstück verwenden?

Nur die Komposite SonicFill und SonicFill 2 können mit dem SonicFill-Handstück verwendet werden. Dies sind die einzigen Materialien, die speziell für die Reaktion auf Schallenergie entwickelt wurden und die im speziell entwickelten Unidose™-Aufsatz erhältlich sind.

Wie stelle ich die Fließgeschwindigkeit des SonicFill-Handstücks ein?

Die Fließgeschwindigkeit des SonicFill-Handstücks lässt sich am besten mit dem Reglerring an der Basis des Geräts kontrollieren. Stufe 5 ist die schnellste Einstellung und Stufe 1 die langsamste. Bei den ersten paar Anwendungen möchten Sie vielleicht eine mittlere Geschwindigkeit (3) nutzen, bis Sie mit dem Betrieb des Handstücks vertraut sind. Danach wird die Stufe 5 für viele Restaurationen die passende sein.


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DE_SonicFill 2 Sales Sheet web version
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SonicFill (Germany/German) SDS
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SonicFill 2 Composite Instructions for Use
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SonicFill2 Technical Card
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