Dental Impression Materials

For Consistent Mixing of Alginates & Stone

Alginator is the dental alginate mixer that creates a smooth, consistent mix while eliminating waste and reducing clean up time. With a single speed, its small, sleek design offers portability and ergonomics. Alginator is the alginate mixing machine designed to complement every dental office.

  • Helps you minimise bubbles in the impressions.
  • Designed to help provide consistent mixing of alginates and stones.
  • Convenient method to mix and remove alginate from bowl.


25234DXSpatula, alginate-type
25236DXAlginate Bowl (medium)
25252Stone Bowl (large)


The Easy Way to Mix Alginates
Hand mixing is a thing of the past. Mix your alginate the easy way. Mixing alginate should be quick and easy without tedious work. The Alginator's small, sleek design offers portability and ergonomics – all to help make smooth, bubble-free results. Watch it in action!


Can I use the same Alginator bowls on both the single speed (25227) and double speed (25226) Alginators?

Yes, all of the Alginator bowls fit both Alginator models.