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Hawe Prophy Cups and Brushes

Cups and Brushes

Programme for all Needs

The Hawe Prophy Cup and Brush Programme comprises brushes and cups for all needs and indications.




Mandrels and brush/cup are a unique piece.



Cups or Brushes with screw system



Mandrels is separated from brush/cup


Snap-on Cups

957/120Laminated, Soft Rubber (grey), Pack of 120
957/30Laminated, Soft Rubber (grey), Pack of 30
958/30Ribbed, Soft Rubber (grey), Pack of 30
959/30Ribbed, Hard Rubber (white), Pack of 30
965/120Laminated, Hard Rubber (white), Pack of 120
965/30Laminated, Hard Rubber (white), Pack of 30

Snap-On Brushes

978/30Normal shape, Pack of 30
979/30Point, Pack of 30

Snap-on Mandrels

976Snap-On mandrels, Pack of 3
976/10Snap-On mandrels, Pack of 10

Latch-Type Cups

961/30Ribbed Soft Rubber (grey) pack of 30
963/30With internal brush Hard Rubber (white) pack of 30

Latch-type Brushes

0270/120Brushes Normal Shape, pack of 120
0270/30Brushes Normal Shape, pack of 30
969/120Brushed Point, pack of 120
969/30Brushed Point, pack of 30

Screw-Type Brushes

0210Normal shape, Pack of 30
0220Small, Pack of 30
0230Normal Point, Pack of 30
0240Small Point, Pack of 30

Screw-Type Mandrels

1301Screw-Type Mandrels, Pack of 10