Autofit™ Paper Points

Fill / Obturation

Paper Points Developed by Dr. Buchanan

Autofit® Paper Points are rolled to exact specifications and provide excellent absorbency for your root canal preparation.

Developed by Dr. L. Stephen Buchanan, the Autofit dental points are an integral part of the Autofit system. Variously sized tapers on these absorbent paper points are color-coded for easy ID and will fit perfectly into Greater Taper preparations.

Greater Taper Paper Points

Greater Taper Paper Points Asstd Box
972-0110Greater Taper Paper Points Asstd Box
972-0111Greater Taper Paper Points Size .04
972-0112Greater Taper Paper Points Size .06
972-0113Greater Taper Paper Points Size .08
972-0114Greater Taper Paper Points Size .10
972-0115Greater Taper Paper Points Size .12


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