Dental Pluggers and Condensers


Kerr Endodontics carries several dental condensers designed to assist the clinician to insert retro-fill material into a retro-prep. The unique angles offered on the condensers fit most any preparation. All of our condensers are autoclavable and manufactured from only the highest-grade surgical stainless steel.

Additionally, both regular and large double-ended endodontic pluggers for small anterior preparations are available.

Buchanan Condensers

974-0001B-2R Buchanan Condenser (Right Angle)
974-0002B-2L Buchanan Condenser (Left Angle)
974-0003B-3 Buchanan Condenser (90 deg. angle)


974-0005P-1 Double-Ended Plugger (90 deg angle)
974-0006P-1L Large Double-Ended Plugger(90 deg)