Gutta Percha

Fill / Obturation

Kerr Endodontics' radiopaque gutta percha is the time-proven fill for root canal therapies. Both Autofit and standard gutta percha cones fit seamlessly into a gutta percha wheel.

Autofit Greater Taper Gutta Percha

Developed by Dr. L. Stephen Buchanan, Autofit gutta percha is the latest innovation in filling materials. Greater Taper cones are designed to match canals shaped with Greater Taper files. Autofit cones have a parallel shank that is tapered to a point (similar to the end of a pencil).

Autofit Backfill Gutta Percha

Autofit Backfill gutta percha cone sizes directly correspond with the sizes of the Buchanan Heat Pluggers. Once the initial down pack is complete, backfill cones perfectly fill the plugger void. Tip diameter for the pluggers and backfill cones is .5mm, so there is no need to 'snip' them. Backfill cones have a non-standard, continuous taper and are shorter than typical gutta percha.

Autofit Feathered Tip Gutta Percha (Non-Standard)

Non-standard gutta percha cones exhibit a larger, continuous taper all the way up the cone than does ISO gutta percha. These cones are feathered tipped and perform well with the Touch’n Heat and System B, when heated GP is needed.

ISO Standard Tip sized Gutta Percha

ISO standard gutta percha directly matches the ISO standard-sized files, meaning the taper is 2% or .02 taper all the way up the gutta percha cone. ISO gutta percha is ideal for MicroSeal or cold lateral condensation.

Autofit Feathered Tip Gutta Percha (Non-standard)

952-0010500-013 Fine-Fine Gutta Percha Box of100
952-0011500-014 Medium-Fine Gutta Percha Box 100
952-0012500-015 Fine Gutta Percha Box of 100
952-0013500-016 Fine-Medium Gutta Percha Box 100
952-0014500-017 Medium Gutta Percha Box of 100
952-0015500-018 Med-Large Gutta Percha Box 100

Autofit Backfill Gutta Percha

972-0020Autofit Backfill Gutta Percha - Size F
972-0021Autofit Backfill Gutta Percha - Size FM
972-0022Autofit Backfill Gutta Percha - Size M
972-0023Autofit Backfill Gutta Percha - Size ML