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The LightSpeed™ LSX™ instrumentation system is the only endodontic instrument designed to create root canal preparations that are biologically optimal. Unlike tapered endodontic instruments which may cut indiscriminately, the LightSpeed endodontic instrument cuts only where you need to cut, and thoroughly cleans the apical third without unnecessarily removing root structure coronally or in the mid-root, which can weaken the tooth.

Lightspeed LSX Single Boxes

835-002121MM LSX, SIZE 100, PK6 (LX21100)
835-002525MM LSX, SIZE 100, PK6 (LX25100)
835-003131MM LSX, SIZE 100, PK6 (LX31100)
835-005050MM LSX, SIZE 100, PK6 (LX50100)
835-102525MM LSX, SIZE 110, PK6 (LX25110)
835-103131MM LSX, SIZE 110, PK6 (LX31110)
835-105050MM LSX, SIZE 110, PK6 (LX50110)
835-122525MM LSX, SIZE 120, PK6 (LX25120)
835-123131MM LSX, SIZE 120, PK6 (LX31120)
835-125050MM LSX, SIZE 120, PK6 (LX50120)
835-132525MM LSX, SIZE 130, PK6 (LX25130)
835-133131MM LSX, SIZE 130, PK6 (LX31130)
835-135050MM LSX, SIZE 130, PK6 (LX50130)
835-142525MM LSX, SIZE 140, PK6 (LX25140)
835-202121MM LSX, SIZE 20, PK6 (LX21020)
835-202525MM LSX, SIZE 20, PK6 (LX25020)
835-203131MM LSX, SIZE 20, PK6 (LX31020)
835-252121MM LSX, SIZE 25, PK6 (LX21025)
835-252525MM LSX, SIZE 25, PK6 (LX25025)
835-253131MM LSX, SIZE 25, PK6 (LX31025)
835-302121MM LSX, SIZE 30, PK6 (LX21030)
835-302525MM LSX, SIZE 30, PK6 (LX25030)
835-303131MM LSX, SIZE 30, PK6 (LX31030)
835-352121MM LSX, SIZE 35, PK6 (LX21035)
835-352525MM LSX, SIZE 35, PK6 (LX25035)
835-353131MM LSX, SIZE 35, PK6 (LX31035)
835-355050MM LSX, SIZE 35, PK6 (LX50035)
835-402121MM LSX, SIZE 40, PK6 (LX21040)
835-402525MM LSX, SIZE 40, PK6 (LX25040)
835-403131MM LSX, SIZE 40, PK6 (LX31040)
835-405050MM LSX, SIZE 40, PK6 (LX50040)
835-452121MM LSX, SIZE 45, PK6 (LX21045)
835-452525MM LSX, SIZE 45, PK6 (LX25045)
835-453131MM LSX, SIZE 45, PK6 (LX31045)
835-455050MM LSX, SIZE 45, PK6 (LX50045)
835-502121MM LSX, SIZE 50, PK6 (LX21050)
835-502525MM LSX, SIZE 50, PK6 (LX25050)
835-503131MM LSX, SIZE 50, PK6 (LX31050)
835-505050MM LSX, SIZE 50, PK6 (LX50050)
835-552121MM LSX, SIZE 55, PK6 (LX21055)
835-552525MM LSX, SIZE 55, PK6 (LX25055)
835-553131MM LSX, SIZE 55, PK6 (LX31055)
835-555050MM LSX, SIZE 55, PK6 (LX50055)
835-602121MM LSX, SIZE 60, PK6 (LX21060)
835-602525MM LSX, SIZE 60, PK6 (LX25060)
835-603131MM LSX, SIZE 60, PK6 (LX31060)
835-605050MM LSX, SIZE 60, PK6 (LX50060)
835-652121MM LSX, SIZE 65, PK6 (LX21065)
835-652525MM LSX, SIZE 65, PK6 (LX25065)
835-653131MM LSX, SIZE 65, PK6 (LX31065)
835-655050MM LSX, SIZE 65, PK6 (LX50065)
835-702121MM LSX, SIZE 70, PK6 (LX21070)
835-702525MM LSX, SIZE 70, PK6 (LX25070)
835-703131MM LSX, SIZE 70, PK6 (LX31070)
835-705050MM LSX, SIZE 70, PK6 (LX50070)
835-802121MM LSX, SIZE 80, PK6 (LX21080)
835-802525MM LSX, SIZE 80, PK6 (LX25080)
835-803131MM LSX, SIZE 80, PK6 (LX31080)
835-805050MM LSX, SIZE 80, PK6 (LX50080)
835-902121MM LSX, SIZE 90, PK6 (LX21090)
835-902525MM LSX, SIZE 90, PK6 (LX25090)
835-903131MM LSX, SIZE 90, PK6 (LX31090)
835-905050MM LSX, SIZE 90, PK6 (LX50090)

Lightspeed LSX Assorted Boxes

835-101350MM LSX, ASST 100-130, PK4 (LXA50C)
835-141650MM LSX, ASST 140-160, PK6 (LXA50D)
835-146331MM LSX, ASST 140-160, PK6 (LXA31D)
835-245121MM LSX, ASST 20-45, PK6 (LXA21A)
835-245331MM LSX, ASST 20-45, PK6 (LXA31A)
835-245525MM LSX, ASST 20-45, PK6 (LXA25A)
835-355550MM LSX, ASST 35-55, PK5 (LXA50A)
835-580121MM LSX, ASST 50-80, PK6 (LXA21B)
835-580331MM LSX, ASST 50-80, PK6 (LXA31B)
835-580525MM LSX, ASST 50-80, PK6 (LXA25B)
835-609050MM LSX, ASST 60-90, PK5 (LXA50B)
835-913331MM LSX, ASST 90-130, PK5 (LXA31C)
835-914525MM LSX, ASST 90-140, PK6 (LXA25C)

Lightspeed LSX Standard Kit

835-280121MM LSX, ASST 20-80, PK12 (LXSK21)
835-280331MM LSX, ASST 20-80, PK12 (LXSK31)
835-280525MM LSX, ASST 20-80, PK12 (LXSK25)


Lightspeed™ LSX™ Introduction


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