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Customizable Fiber Post

PeerlessPost is a fully customizable fiber post. Adjustable on both ends, PeerlessPost provides a custom fit that is both esthetic and radiopaque.

  • PeerlessPost is made from non-galvanic, noncorroding fiber-reinforced composite and are radiopaque.
  • PeerlessPosts are tooth colored.
  • Unique “keystone” retention head.
  • Tapered body section available in .04 and .06 sizes
  • Adjustable coronal and apical ends allows for conservative post sizing.
  • Built-in undercuts increase surface area.


977-1042DRILL #1: 0.7mm APICAL .06 TAPER - PK2
977-1043DRILL #2: 0.8mm APICAL .06 TAPER - PK2
977-1044DRILL #3: 0.9mm APICAL .04 TAPER - PK2
977-1045DRILL #4: 1mm APICAL .04 TAPER - PK2
977-1051POST #1: 0.7mm APICAL .06 TAPER - PK10
977-1052POST #2: 0.8mm APICAL .06 TAPER - PK10
977-1053POST #3: 0.9mm APICAL .04 TAPER - PK10
977-1054POST #4: 1mm APICAL .04 TAPER - PK10


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Peerless Post - Sell Sheet
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