Spreader Tips


Endodontic Ultrasonic Tips

Longer than our "4" series, Spreader Tips are designed for troughing within the canal. Spreader Tips can trough around posts or break open a calcification, but also can be used to help retrieve separated files that are stuck in the apical third of the canal. These tips must be used at a very low setting.

Spreader Tips

SP-1-S Small Spreader Tip
973-0063SP-1-S Small Spreader Tip
SP-2-S Medium Spreader Tip
973-0065SP-2-S Medium Spreader Tip
SP-3-S Ultrafine Spreader Tip
973-0067SP-3-S Ultrafine Spreader Tip
973-1000ULTRASONIC TIP INTRODUCTORY KITContains one each SP-2, Scaler, CT-4 and Diamond-Coated CT-4


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