Touch 'n Heat™ 5004

Fill / Obturation

Endodontic Heat Source

The Touch 'n Heat conveniently and consistently puts the heat on for warm gutta percha techniques. The patented autoclavable tips are internally heated so that the heat is concentrated at the end where it's needed most. Not only do you have a precisely heated tip to work with, you can control it's temperature as well. Say "goodbye" to old Bunsen burners and step up to the Kerr Touch 'n Heat today. Designed by Dr. Herb Schilder.

Touch 'n Heat

973-0212TOUCH N HEAT MODEL 5004, 110V

Heat Carriers and Tips

973-0214Standard Anterior Heat Carrier
973-0215Standard Posterior Heat Carrier
973-0216Narrow Anterior Heat Carrier
973-0217Narrow Posterior Heat Carrier
973-0218Spoon Tip
973-0220PLUGGER, THICK TIP (1mm)
973-0221PLUGGER, THIN TIP (.5mm)