Tweezers, Forceps, Scissors and Needle Holders


Castroviejo Needle Holders

Our popular Castroviejo is a delicate instrument used to hold fine needles such as 5/0 & 6/0 during suturing. Easy to maneuver and lock.

Microsurgical Tweezers - Straight

Basic straight tweezers used to grab anything from gutta percha to cotton rolls.

Microsurgical Scissors

Our Microsurgical Scissors are a necessity for many applications, including cutting sutures.Microsurgical Forceps

Long-necked, short-beaked forceps used to retrieve small objects from tight areas such as separated instruments deep into the canal.

Tweezers, Forceps, Scissors and Needle Holders

975-0001F/S Microsurgical Forceps (34-3035)
975-0002Microsurgical Tweezers Straight
975-0006Castroviejo Needle Holder
975-0007Microsurgical Scissors Curved
975-0008Microsurgical Scissors - Straight