Impression Materials

Alginate Alternative

  • No hand mixing. Eliminates mess and cleanup. Saves time and material.
  • Delivery options. Cartridge or Volume™ automix dispensing.
  • Impressions remain stable. You can pour immediately or when it's convenient. Impressions retain dimensional stability for months.
  • Tolerates disinfectants. Alleviates concerns about contaminated impressions.



AlgiNot is essential. Clean, accurate, and simple—it’s earned a permanent place in my restorative drawer!
Dr. Todd Engel, Ladera Ranch, CA
Alginot is an amazing product that can give a very accurate impression that can be re-poured without the messy features of alginate. Your dental assistants will love it!
Dr. Stephen D. Poss
In a busy practice, where accurate impression taking, for diagnostic models are needed, and when immediate pouring might take assistants away from the chair and upset the practice flow, Alginot is an outstanding alternative to regular alginate.
Dr. Charles Wakefield
Cleaner, faster and dimensionally stable for up to two weeks, Alginot is an ideal addition to every busy practice.
Dr. Charles Wakefield
AlgiNot provides the accuracy and flexibility that I could never achieve with conventional alginate impression material. My assistants and lab technicians love it.
Dr. Gary Radz