Composite Modeling Instrument

CompoRoller is an innovative composite modeling instrument that is designed to give you complete control in layering and contouring a direct composite restoration to its final form.The CompoRoller's working ends employ proprietary, non-stick rolling tips that foster bubble-free, homogenous application of any composite in thin, even layers… with no undesired traces. The disposable rolling tips are made of smooth, medical-grade thermoplastic elastomer, available in 5 shapes or shaping margins, occlusions and modeling.

  • Fast and easy. Unique rolling tips contour composite quickly in thin, even layers, minimizing time to finish and polish.
  • Precise and predictable. Rolling tips foster smooth composite contouring for enhanced marginal integrity.
  • Controlled. Nonstick tips roll freely, resulting in a bubble-free, homogenous application of composite.
  • Hygienic. Disposable tips eliminate cross contamination. Handle autoclavable to 134C/273F.
  • Versatile. Choice of tip shapes to fit the specific task.


"The CompoRoller™ is a practical adjunct in the initial contouring of direct anterior composite restorations. It is a great time saver and is so easy to use."
Dr. Newton Fahl

"There are a few instruments that are the mainstay for my anterior composites - the CompoRoller™ is now one of those. It does a beautiful job with contouring, blending and feathering composite layers."
Dr. Mitch Conditt


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CompoRoller - Instructions for Use
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