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VPS Impression Material

Extrude® is a VPS impression system available in four viscosities. Extra is a thixotropic, non-slumping tray material that minimizes distortion while providing a flexible-firm set that promotes easy tray and die removal. Medium provides excellent flow as well as sufficient body for use as a tray material. Wash is a very low viscosity and is used in conjunction with Putty for the putty/wash technique or with Extrude Extra for the double-mix technique. M.P.V. is a unique material that can be used for both the tray and syringe material. It is very thixotropic, so it will not slump or run out of the tray, but it also exhibits superior flow under pressure and high tear strength. XP (Putty) is used for both simultaneous and two-step putty/wash techniques. It drives syringe material subgingivally for ideal tissue displacement and accurate details. With excellent deformation recovery and a 3-year shelf life, Extrude is truly a superior value.


Mixing Pad
28141Mixing Padpkg of 21 sheets 5 5/8" x 3 3/8"
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