GingiBRAID+: Aluminum Potassium Sulfate

Tissue Management

Retraction Cord

GingiBRAID+ Aluminum Potassium Sulfate is a specially treated retraction cord that is braided together for quick absorption allowing it to be used immediately and effectively. The braided retraction material is made of cotton fiber that will not split or collapse in the sulcus. Our GingiBRAID+ is a solid cord that provides a strong physical retraction. It can be used with any type of packing instrument. GingiBRAID+ is the easiest to work with when the cord is wetted prior to packing.

GingiBRAID+ Aluminum Potassium Sulfate is available in 4 diameters as a bottle, ShortCut, and UniBRAID, which are pre-cut and individually packaged single use 2" lengths.

ShortCut is an all-in-one delivery system. The cord cutter is built-in and each click of the dial delivers 1 cm of cord. Try 3-4 clicks for anterior and 4-5 clicks for posterior.

Each ShortCut and bottle contains 6 feet (72 inches/183 cm) of braid.

Please note: GingiBRAID is also available as non-impregnated.