OptiBond™ FL

Bonding Agents

Filled, Light-Cure Total-Etch Dental Adhesive

Setting a gold-standard reputation after more than a decade on the market, OptiBond FL® is a filled, light-cure total-etch dental adhesive that offers a simple two-bottle or unidose delivery with only one light-curing step. This two-bottle primer/adhesive is perfect for all direct restorations and for indirect core build-up. Yet, it's as simple as it is reliable, with a one-coat primer and a one-coat adhesive that can be applied on wet or dry surfaces, with superior dental bonding that virtually eliminates postoperative sensitivity.

  • Versatile. Two-bottle primer/adhesive for all direct restorations and indirect core buildup.
  • Simple and reliable. One coat primer. One coat adhesive. Wet or dry.
  • Unique structural adhesive. 48% fill load delivers superior bond strength.
  • Patient-friendly. Virtually eliminates postoperative sensitivity for patients.
  • Proven long-term performance. The gold standard in dental adhesive products after more than a decade on the market



Recipient of The Dental Advisor's 2018 Top Product Award


OptiBond FL represents the golden standard in bond strength and is the only 3-step etch-and-rinse adhesive with a filled adhesive resin. It's ideal for immediate dentin sealing of inlays, onlays, veneers and crown preparations. OptiBond FL is also a proven adhesive for the direct technique. Not to mention the long-term track record.…
Pascal Magne, Ph.D., Dr. Med. Dent.
OptiBond FL is performing at a near-perfect retention rate. I have yet seen an adhesive that performs better.
Dr. Alan Boghosian