• High strength and low wear. 41% filled with the same material as Prodigy and Herculite.
  • Excellent polishability. With average particle size of 0.6 microns, Temphase offers excellent polishability, which also minimizes gingival irritation.
  • Medium viscosity. Provids high stackability with no slumping.
  • Optimal mixing ratio. Split cartridge dispenses a 1:1 volume ratio for an even flow and improved handling properties.
  • Two set times. 3-minute fast set for a single unit or 5-minute regular set for multiple units.


Temphase temporary crown and bridge material is a two-component (catalyst and base) material dispensed and mixed by a cartridge/static mixing tip combination. Temphase is intended for use in both short- and long-term crown and bridge temporaries. The material is compatible with light-cured composites for repair and characterization. Temphase is available in two set times and is radiopaque for easy radiographic identification.