Tytin™ FC


Firm Packing Silver Amalgam

Tytin - Firm Condensation formula has a worldwide reputation for its reliable performance. This patented and technically advanced material combines all the desirable handling characteristics of admixed alloys, with none of the drawbacks. It has good, firm condensation resistance, yet is plastic enough to easily flow into the corners. It also has smooth finishing characteristics while providing excellent mechanical properties and good appearance. Controlled expansion minimizes leakage. Tytin FC capsules are self-activating and no special activation device is required.

Amalgam Waste Recycling

DRNA Services

If you practice in a state or county requiring amalgam waste recycling, staying compliant is not only good for your practice but also good for the environment.  Rest assured we have a solution for you. Kerr has partnered with DRNA (Dental Recycling North America, Inc.), North America’s leader in dental waste management and recycling. As a valued Kerr customer, you are eligible to receive discounts on DRNA services to assist you in achieving full compliance.
To get started on the path to compliance, please click here or call DRNA at 800.360.1001, ext. 17.


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Tytin FC™ (US) SDS
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