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Diamond Files

Follow and finish your procedure with Intensiv Proxoshape Diamond Files. Use these flexible Intensiv Proxoshape files to contour and polish tooth enamel. These files are also perfect for removal of amalgam or composite overhangs. Intensive Proxoshape Diamond Files are available in numerous lengths and grits allowing efficient interproximal contouring that cannot be achieved with diamond burs, discs or strips.

ProxoShape Diamond Files from Kerr Rotary are used in an oscillating low speed handpiece. The files are flexible diamond instruments available in numerous grits and lengths allowing efficient interproximal contouring and finishing which cannot be achieved with diamond discs or standard diamond burs. This is accomplished more easily and efficiently than with a manual diamond strip. Sold 2 per pack. Single-sided.

Use of a Contra-Angle handpiece with adequate water spray is necessary with Ortho-Strips and Proxoshape files.


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Intensiv ProxoShape - Instructions for Use
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