Perforated Diamond Finishing Strips

Finishing Strips

Perforated Diamond Strips are designed for complete control during interproximal reduction, shaping, and contouring. Strips allow easy access and precise manual enamel reduction resulting in a smooth, natural finish. Perforated design assists in debris removal, provides improved visibility, control, and flexibility; made of stainless steel to resist breaking and stretching. Perforated Strips are color coded for grit selection; blue for medium, red for fine, and yellow for super-fine.  Available in 10 packs each grit or assortment pack.

  • Diamond-free zone for easier fit and preparation in-between teeth
  • 150 mm long for control and flexibility
  • Stainless steel strip resistant to breaking and stretching
  • Autoclavable - reusable for greater value
  • Single-sided


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Perforated Diamond Finishing Strips - Instructions for Use
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