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Single Use Disposable Bib Holders

Bib-Eze Disposable Bib Holders are lightweight, stretchable paper holders that attach to the dental napkin bib with easy to peel, self-adhesive ends, which can easily be removed after the procedure and thrown away with the dirty napkin. Multiple studies have found that traditional bib clips and holders demonstrate the risk cross-contamination from patient to patient, and patient to clinician.

Bib-Eze can be more comfortable than standard bib chains since there are no sharp edges or cold metals against your patient's neck. They can be stretched to fit all patients. Bib-Eze are also a cost-effective solution for any office. They eliminate the cost of cleaning both in time and materials. A single Bib-Eze costs less than a disinfectant wipe or sterilization pouch.

Recipient of The Dental Advisor's Top Product Award in 2017 and 2018

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Do you have multiple sizes of Bib-Eze Disposable Bib Holders?

There is only size of Bib-Eze, however, they stretch to fit all neck sizes.

Do Bib-Eze Disposable Bib Holders contain latex?

No, Bib-Eze are made of a lightweight, elasticized fabric.

Can you recycle Bib-Eze Disposable Bib Holders?

No, Bib-Eze are not recyclable but using Bib-eze replaces the use of a disinfectant wipe or sterilization pouch which also aren’t recyclable.