Instrument Reprocessing

Dual Enzymatic Detergent

Kerr TotalCare is proud to carry EmPower Dual Enzymatic Detergent. By using our Dental EmPower Dual Enzymatic Detergent, all professionals can safely contribute to infection control and creating a clean environment for patients. As always, we are dedictated to providing total solutions to care for you and your patients.


  • Quickly removes blood, protein and other proteinaceous debris
  • Neutral pH formula
  • Economical concentrated product
  • Easy to use and compatible with instruments
  • Less corrosive than distilled water
  • Contains two proteolytic enzymes for more effective cleaning
  • Low-foaming
  • Dilution 1:128

EmPower Fragrance Free

EmPower Fragrance Free offers the same great enzymatic cleaning formula without the fragrance for customers who are respiratory sensitive. The translucent 1-gallon bottle packaging provides enhanced convenience for reordering.


  • Free of fragrance and perfect for users who are respiratory-sensitive.
  • Translucent bottle for easy visual inspection of product usage.
  • Excellent Cleaning Power – Loosens and cleans lipids, starches, inorganic debris, and protein fluids fast.
  • Instrument Friendly – Neutral pH formulation is safe on instruments and reduces the need for manual scrubbing that may be abrasive on instruments.
  • Low Foaming – Low foaming which reduces handling risks especially when it comes to sharp objects.
  • Multi-Application – Versatile to be used as an ultrasonic cleaning solution and evacuation system cleaner.
  • Economical – 3-in-1 product


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