Lead-Free X-ray Apron without collar


Lead-Free X-ray aprons without collar provide protection for patients during intra-oral radiography without the weight of lead. The lead-free X-ray aprons are made of proprietary alloy sheeting that provides the same protection as lead but are up to 30% lighter. Lead-free X-ray aprons are more comfortable for your patients and lighter for your staff to handle. Lead-free aprons are also 100% recyclable with no toxic metals.
Kerr offers a variety of beautiful colors for the lead-free X-ray aprons.


We'll recycle your old x-ray apron for you! Learn more here.


How do I clean my X-ray apron?

Care- Always store the garment on an apron hanger or flat.  The garment may be rolled for transport.  Do not expose the garment to any temperatures above 120ºF. or to direct sunlight.

Clean- Remove any debris with a spatula or damp towel.  Clean with a foaming carpet cleaner of your choosing.  Avoid the use of Alkali detergents, alcohol or alcohol-based cleaning detergents.  The garment may also be placed flat in a bathtub of cool water and gently scrubbed, then rinsed with cool water and hung to dry in a room temperature environment avoiding and sunlight.

Disinfect- Disinfect using a product of your choosing.  Use in accordance with the manufacturer instructions.  Avoid chlorine, iodine or peroxide-based products as they will effect the colorfastness of the garment.

Maintaining- A protective garment must be monitored to ensure that it has not been compromised.  Periodic and, at least, annual inspections should be performed to look for tears, cuts, rips or pinholes.  If detected, further testing of the garment should take place.  If shrinkage has taken place, the garment should be discarded.