A new series of resources is going to simplify even the most complex procedure.

Released at - July 20, 2017

Kerr Dental launches the second chapter of “How to…”, the step-by-step guide that vows to help dentists find consistent procedures to apply to their most common treatments.

With a focus on how to “Simplify your practice”, this next series uses animated videos and clinical evidence to demonstrate what innovative technologies combined with the right complementary products can do to simplify even the most complex procedure.

By going through the motions of an endodontic treatment requiring a complete tooth reconstruction, Kerr also introduces its latest innovations designed to give clinicians full control and peace of mind.

Other leading products included are the Single-Fill composite for a one-step core build up, SonicFillTM 2, and TFTM Adaptive, the endodontic file system for easy and intuitive root canal shaping.

“We have taken one of the hardest procedures around – which includes root canal treatment, core build up and a crown restoration – to demonstrate what the right combination of breakthrough technology and intuitive products can do to reduce margins of errors, stress and complexity”, says Catherine Stahl, Vice President Marketing EMEA at KaVo Kerr.

“There are so many variables that dentists must consider during complex procedures. We feel it is our responsibility as dental manufacturers to make their job as easy as possible in finding the best solutions for the circumstances they face. After all, we share our customer’s passion: to promote superior levels of dental care.”

Look out for the “How To…” logo on our Kerr products to identify our recommended solutions for each procedure!




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