Discovery Trays™

Dental Lip Retractor and Trays

Disposable Trays for Topical Fluoride Application

Discovery Trays are double-arch disposable trays for topical fluoride application that are made of polyethylene (plastics).

Patented disposable trays for topical fluoride application are designed for greater patient fit and comfort. The foam matrix ensures fluoride coverage to all tooth surfaces without a separate insert and the tray construction permits simultaneous fluoride application to both maxillary and mandibular arches. The Dual Foam ability provides a harder outer shell bonded to a closed cell soft lining that pumps fluoride interproximally during mastication.

  • Bonded dual foam insert. Pushes fluoride interproximally.
  • Four sizes. Excellent fit even for small children.
  • Colour-coded foam. Easy to distinguish sizes.
  • Handles. Allows for easy placement and removal.
  • Hinged design. Allows simultaneous placement of both arches at once.

Standard Packs of 30

14199Discovery Trays - Small (yellow)
14200 Discovery Trays - Medium (lime)
14201 Discovery Trays - Large (blue)
14202Discovery Trays - Child (aqua)

Bulk Packs of 100

16188Discovery Trays - Child (Aqua)
16189Discovery Trays - Small (yellow)
16190 Discovery Trays - Medium (lime)
16191Discovery Trays - Large (blue)


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