Dental Procedures

Dental Procedures

Professional dental procedures are at the heart of your practice. Everything has to work together to complete your day successfully, whether you are working on direct and indirect restorations, root canal treatments, prophylaxis or room preparation. At Kerr Dental we are always looking for techniques and solutions to assist you in overcoming the challenges that complex, repetitive or new procedures may bring you.

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Prevention Procedures

Prevention procedures in your dental office take two forms: prevention against oral disease and tooth deterioration, and prevention against the risk of cross-contamination.

Kerr Prevention provides comprehensive solutions for both cases, recognising that from the moment a hygienist walks into the office to when they leave for the day, their appointments go through a continuous flow of work.



Room prep/turnover encompassing operatory cleaning, disinfection, barrier placement and patient chart assessment, as well as instrument preparation for each patient.

Operatory Disinfection
CaviCide™ & CaviWipes™
Barrier Placement
Patient Preparation
Patient Preparation
Patient Preparation