Endodontic Shaping

The K-File is the strongest of the handfiles with less separation potential. K-Files can bypass obstructions with far greater ease. They are designed to provide a smooth tactile feel during instrumentation.


06003K-File 21mm
06004K-File 21mm
06005K-File 21mm
06014K-File 21mm
06015K-File 21mm
06016K-File 21mm
06019K-File 21mm
06020K-File 21mm
06021K-File 21mm
06022K-File 21mm
06023K-File 21mm
06024K-File 21mm
06026K-File 21mm
06062K-File 25mm
06063K-File 25mm
06064K-File 25mm
06065K-File 25mm
06066K-File 25mm
06067K-File 25mm
06069K-File 25mm
06074K-File 25mm
06075K-File 25mm
06076K-File 25mm
06077K-File 25mm
06085K-File 25mm
06099K-File 25mm
06151K-File 30mm
06152K-File 30mm
06153K-File 25mm
06155K-File 30mm
06156K-File 30mm
06157K-File 30mm
06159K-File 30mm
06160K-File 30mm
06160K-File 30mm
06161K-File 30mm
06162K-File 30mm
06163K-File 30mm
06166K-File 30mm
06170K-File 30mm
14127K-File 21mm
14128K-File 25mm
14129K-File 30mm
62250K-File 25mm
62251K-File 30mm
62279K-File 21mm
821-8021K-File 21mm Asst 15-40
821-8025K-File 25mm Asst 15-40
821-8030K-File 30mm Asst 15-40
821-8121K-File 21mm Asst 45-80
821-8125K-File 25mm Asst 45-80
821-8130K-File 30mm Asst 45-80