Pathfinder™ CS

Endodontic Shaping

Pathfinder™ CS instruments feature the same minimal taper as stainless steel Pathfinders but are made with carbon steel to help negotiate difficult or calcified canals faster and more efficiently. K1 approximate size #7, K2 approximate size #9.

Pathfinder CS

22935Pathfinder™ CS K1 Size 19mm
22936Pathfinder™ CS K1 Size 21mmPackage of 6
22937Pathfinder™ CS K2 Size 19mmPackage of 6
22938Pathfinder™ CS K2 Size 21mmPackage of 6
23465Pathfinder™ CS K1 Size 25mmPackage of 6
23467Pathfinder™ CS K2 Size 25mm