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Implant Deplaquers

Implant Prophylaxis

Dental Implant Deplaquers

Implant Deplaquer instruments are made of carbon-fiber reinforced plastic material, with sufficient strength to remove plaque and calculus from the implant neck while minimising scratches on metal surfaces.

Specially shaped blade allows implants to be cleaned from all sides.

Adapted to the rotary symmetrical design of all important implant systems.

Available in two shapes

  • Universal: Allows the topical reach of all surfaces
  • Orofacial: Allows the reach of lateral sides with more surface available

Refill Pack

1350Universal Implant Deplaquers, pack of 5
1351Universal Implant Deplaquers, pack of 2
1360Orofacial Implant Deplaquers, pack of 5
1361Orofacial Implant Deplaquers, pack of 2

Clinical images


1 - Green part visible - Healthy; 2 - Green part visible but bleeding gingivitis; 3 - Green part no longer visible, pocket that has to be treated


Orofacial Implant Deplaquer


Universal Implant Deplaquer


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Prevention according to Kerr
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