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Flexible Clearance Tabs™*


Flexible Clearance Tabs™ provide an easy and accurate way to make direct intraoral measurements of occlusal and interproximal tooth preparation clearance. Each colour-coded tab is used like a feeler gauge to check clearance dimension. They are available in a convenient dispenser box designed especially for the dental surgery and each tab is for single use only.

Flexible Clearance Tabs™

004-006Flex Tabs Pink 1.0mm
004-007Flex Tabs Green 1.5mm
004-008Flex Tabs Blue 2.0mm
004-009Flex Tabs (pack of 3 mixed)


Kerr Galetti Articulator
A Kerr Educational video presented by Master Dental Technician David M. Zielinski. The Galetti Articulator is solidly constructed from aluminum and brass, making it both hard wearing and corrosion resistant. This highly accurate and time saving articulator is easy to use in the laboratory or chairside. Any type of dental model can be placed onto this Galetti without the application of mounting plaster.


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Flexible Clearance Tabs
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Flexible Clearance Tabs - Instructions for Use
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