A new 360° approach: the key to simplifying every procedure

Released at - May 8, 2017

Simplifying the lives of dentists by helping them identify the best combination of products for their most common procedures: this is the aim of “How to…”, our new communications strategy.

“How to…” provides a step-by-step guide to everyday dental treatments, highlighting standard protocols and suggesting innovative products for each step.

This approach signals a change in pace in the way this dental manufacturer communicates with its customers, offering complete solutions rather than individual products.

Speaking about this new approach, Catherine Stahl, Vice President of Marketing EMEA at KaVo Kerr, said: “Developing innovations is the cornerstone of what we do at Kerr. However we realise that while individual product performance is great, a tried and tested procedure with a combination of materials that complement each other and the skills of the dentists is what differentiates a good restoration from a great one.”

The first stop in the “How to…” journey explores the role of aesthetic results in direct and indirect restorations, and it introduces Harmonize™, the nanohybrid universal composite that can faithfully reproduce a tooth's natural appearance.

“Aesthetic results are not limited to cosmetic dentistry”, added Mrs Stahl, “Any patient leaving the dental office expects to feel good about their final appearance. We offer some of the leading products for each step of an aesthetic procedure, from Cleanic, a one-step prophy paste that unveils the natural tooth colour, to OptiBondTM XTR, a bonding agent with low film thickness, and HarmonizeTM, the brand new composite that can reflect light in a natural way.

“These solutions work together in harmony and can make any aesthetic restoration simpler and more predictable.”

Dr. German Gomez, an expert in aesthetic dentistry and supporter of the campaign, added:

“It is refreshing to see a manufacturer actively lend support and guidance to practitioners in their choice of materials. Of course, new product innovation is critical to help my practice grow, but understanding how products work together and can complement my skills is invaluable to maximise the aesthetic potential of each restoration.”

Look out for the “How To…” logo on our Kerr products to identify our recommended solutions for each procedure!
Badge: how to aesthetics restorations


Aesthetic direct dental procedure:

  1. Cleanic
  2. OptiBond XTR
  3. Harmonize
  4. Demi Ultra
  5. OptiDisc
  6. Opti1Step


Aesthetic indirect dental procedure:

  1. Cleanic
  2. OptiBond XTR
  3. NX3
  4. OptiDisc
  5. Occlubrush