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Improved quality restorations

Compothixo™ offers improved quality restorations and represents a unique generation composite placement and modelling instrument suitable for all classes of restorations. New Compothixo™ technology enhances the thixotropic properties of composites by changing only its viscosity, not the chemical and mechanical characteristics of the material.

Smart vibrations:

  • Better wettability
  • Superior adaptation of composite to cavity walls
  • Reduction of air bubbles
  • Precise application
  • Layer thickness control
  • Improved sculptability
  • Reduced stickiness.


  • Modelling of composite
  • Occlusal modelling, fissures and removal of excess
  • Layer application technique
  • Direct veneering


  • Superior cavity and matrix adaptation
  • Easy thin layer stratification, especially in anterior restorations
  • Reduced pressure required for packing of composite
  • Reduced stickiness of the composite versus traditional instruments
  • Easy composite placement on the tooth wall; no pull-back effect
  • Reduction of air bubbles

Technical features:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight
  • Four commonly used interchangeable tips
  • Easy tip fitting
  • Battery driven
  • 140 Hz vibration frequency
  • 8 hours of battery autonomy.


5400Compothixo™ Intro Kit
5402Compothixo™ Tips Assorted Kit

Compothixo™ Instrument Handle

5401Compothixo™ Instrument Handle

Refills Tips – packs of 2

5403Compothixo™ Pointed Tip
5404Compothixo™ Spatula Tip
5405Compothixo™ Plugger Tip
5406Compothixo™ Semi-Sphere Tip
5407Compothixo™ battery (AAAA)