Finishing and Polishing

Fast, non-destructive polishing of occlusal and concave surfaces. For the polishing of composites, compomers, resin-modified glass ionomers and ceramics.

  • Efficient pre- and high-gloss polishing of occlusal fillings, especially fissures, cusps and occlusal surfaces.
  • Polishing particles already embedded in the bristles, so no paste is necessary.
  • A faster high-gloss shine than with conventional polishers.
  • Non-destructive to tooth structure or to the margins of the restoration
  • Autoclavable at 134°C for at least 3 minutes.
  • No effect on polishing performance.



2520Occlubrush™ Assorted KitContents: 5 x Occlubrush™ regular cup; 5 x Occlubrush™ small cup; 5 x Occlubrush™ point

Refill Packs

2503Occlubrush™ regular cup, pack of 3
2504Occlubrush™ small cup, pack of 3
2505Occlubrush™ point, pack of 3
2510Occlubrush™ regular cup, pack of 10
2511Occlubrush™ small cup, pack of 10
2512Occlubrush™ point, pack of 10


Why is it ideal for aesthetic restorations?

Polishing is the last step of any aesthetic restoration, and should allow you to achieve a high gloss shine, smooth enough for the gingival tissue to be able to tolerate the restoration well.

The accessories used for this step are the least aggressive. Occlubrush brushes assure a fast, non destructive, high gloss polishing of occlusal and concave surfaces, owing to their special fibres with built in silicon-carbide abrasive particles.

Occlubrush: Regular Cup

Occlubrush: Small Cup

Occlubrush: Point

How does it do this?

Occlubrush: sRa=0,25um

The bristles’ special fiber allows a high gloss shine

Occlubrush: Special fiber

The bristles’ special fiber ensure Occlubrush is non destructive to tooth structure or to the margins of the restoration.

Occlubrush: no paste necessary

Polishing particles are already embedded in the bristles, so no paste is necessary and you can work more quickly than with conventional polishers.

Clinical images




Regular cup


Small cup


Occlubrush™ For Fast And Safe Polishing