Hawe™ Prophy Cups and Brushes

Cups and Brushes

Programme for all Needs

The Hawe Prophy Cup and Brush Programme comprises brushes and cups for all needs and indications.




Mandrels and brush/cup are a unique piece.



Cups or Brushes with screw system



Mandrels is separated from brush/cup


Snap-on Cups

957/120Laminated, Soft Rubber (grey), Pack of 120
957/30Laminated, Soft Rubber (grey), Pack of 30
965/120Laminated, Hard Rubber (white), Pack of 120
965/30Laminated, Hard Rubber (white), Pack of 30

Snap-on Mandrels

976Snap-On mandrels, Pack of 3
976/10Snap-On mandrels, Pack of 10

Latch-Type Cups

961/30Ribbed Soft Rubber (grey) pack of 30
963/30With internal brush Hard Rubber (white) pack of 30

Latch-type Brushes

0270/120Brushes Normal Shape, pack of 120
0270/30Brushes Normal Shape, pack of 30
969/120Brushed Point, pack of 120
969/30Brushed Point, pack of 30

Screw-Type Brushes

0210Normal shape, Pack of 30
0220Small, Pack of 30
0230Normal Point, Pack of 30
0240Small Point, Pack of 30

Screw-Type Mandrels

1301Screw-Type Mandrels, Pack of 10


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