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Dental Office Organisation

Kerr’s dental trays are made of sturdy polypropylene auto/chemiclavable plastic, meaning they are easy to clean and disinfect. Available in 2 sizes and 7 colours, the trays can be cleaned and sterilised as a set or separately.

Size B Flat

The most versatile and popular of all trays. They adapt well to your own set-up preference. To achieve consistent infection control, a flat tray set-up with a separate sterilisable steri-mat and bur block is recommended. The Size B trays fit bracket table/control head surfaces and cabinets manufactured by A-dec, Belmont, Biotec, Celebrity, Pelton & Crane, Siemens, etc. The Size B trays measure 340mm x 240mm x22mm.

Size F Mini

Ideal for oral exam or prophylaxis procedures. They are half the size of the B Trays, measuring 242mm x 170mm x 22mm.


31122B Trays Flat - White
32125B Trays Flat - French Vanilla
32128B Trays Flat - Sea Foam
32129B Trays Flat - Lilac
32130B Trays Flat - Baby Blue

F Mini Trays Flat

31142DXF Mini Trays Flat - White
32144F Mini Trays Flat - French Vanilla
32147F Mini Trays Flat - Sea Foam
32149F Mini Trays Flat - Baby Blue
32418F Mini Trays Flat - Lilac


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