Luciwedges™ Classic


Light-Reflecting Interdental Wedges

Luciwedges Classic interdental wedges have a transparent design to facilitate visibility in the operation field, reducing the risk of gingival trauma.
Features and benefits:

  • The interdental wedges’ stiffness ensures a high separation capability. 
  • The matrix band can easily adapt and remain in place even with irregular, highly curved and convex tooth surfaces.
  • Lucywedges Classic are suitable for composite polymerisation.
  • The curved tip facilitates the positioning of the wedge.



790 SLuciwedges Classic Assorted Kit Contents: 100 Luciwedges Soft ultra-small, 50 Luciwedges Soft small, 50 Luciwedges Soft medium


770 S Luciwedges Soft ultra-small Pack of 100
771 SLuciwedges Soft small Pack of 100
772 SLuciwedges Soft medium Pack of 100