Irrigation Probe™

Perio Instruments

Irrigation Probes are irrigation needles with side opening and rounded tips, designed for gentle, professional irrigation of root canals, wounds and periodontal pockets without the risk of apex perforation or tissue damage. They are also suitable for the irrigation during periodontal and dental surgical operations, for interdental irrigation following calculus removal and rubber cup polishing, for the placement of medications (solutions) in root canals/periodontal pockets and for the irrigation of extraction sites.  In general, they are used in conjunction with a hand-operated syringe and irrigation solution.

  • Luer-Lock: goes on all standardized syringes!
  • Can be shaped
  • 4 sizes available for needles


Refill Packs

502Gauge No. 21 Ø 0.8mm green (0.8mm x 25mm), 40 pcs
503Gauge No. 23 Ø 0.6mm blue (0.6mm x 25mm), 40 pcs
504Gauge No. 25 Ø 0.5mm orange (0.5mm x 25mm), 40 pcs
505Gauge No. 30 Ø 0.3mm yellow (0.3mm x 25mm), 40 pcs


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