Kwik-Bite™ Senso

X-ray Holders

Kwik-Bite™ Senso is a universal sensor holder for direct digital imaging of horizontal bitewings. Thanks to its unique clamping device, Kwik-Bite™ Senso is compatible with all commonly-used brands, types and sizes of sensors. The frictionless cogwheel segment allows for safe and easy individual adaptation. For the patient, Kwik-Bite Senso™ offers greater comfort thanks to its optimised bite plate (2.5mm). It is autoclavable at 134°C for at least 3 minutes.


  • Self-centring clamping device for compatibility with all commonly used sensor types
  • Rubber-covered clamps to prevent slipping
  • Frictionless cogwheel segment for individual adaptation
  • Ergonomic release button for safe removal and quick re-use
  • Optimised bite plate for patient comfort; optimal thickness (2.5mm) avoids biting of the cable.


2700Kwik-Bite™ Senso Standard KitContents: 4 x Kwik-Bite™ Senso with ring; 1 x Centring Device

Disposable Sensor Covers 3.5 x 20.5cm

PE3735Disposable Sensor Covers 3.5 x 20.5cmContents: 500 pieces Fits Trophy and Gendex™ systems

Disposable Sensor Covers 4 x 21cm

PE3736Disposable Sensor Covers 4 x 21cmContents: 500 pieces


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