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Endovac Pure™

Endodontic Irrigation

Take irrigation to the next level!

Endovac Pure is the breakthrough apical negative pressure system that covers all root canal irrigation needs in just one single handheld controller, delivering irrigants with significantly lower accident risk.1,6,9

The system reaches full working length and draws irrigants into the last few critical millimeters of the root canal.1,9 A single handheld controller allows a more effective and efficient cleaning, covering the entire length of the canal,1,6,9 with full operator control and ease of use.


  • Apical Negative Pressure System for delivery of continuously refreshed irrigants
  • Single handheld controller
  • Dual-chambered for seamless transition between NaOCl and EDTA irrigants
  • Macro and Micro cannulas for full canal coverage


  • Reaches full working length
  • Reduced risk of irrigation accidents6
  • 3D cleaning of lateral canals5
  • Microscopic holes on the cannulas prevent clogging2

Endovac Pure... coming soon


36458Endovac Pure – Intro KitContents: 1x Endovac Pure Unit, 5x Apex Cartridges, 1x Universal Latch, 1x HVE Universal Adaptor, 1x Power Supply, x5 Power Adapters, Instructions for Use.
36459Endovac Pure – Bulk KitCONTENTS: 1x Endovac Pure Unit, 25x Apex Cartridges, 1x Universal Latch, 1x HVE Universal Adaptor, 1x Power Supply, x5 Power Adapters, Instructions for Use.

Restorative Dental Accessories

36463Endovac Pure – Universal Latch
36464Endovac Pure – Apex CartridgePack of 20
36465Endovac Pure – Apex CartridgePack of 5
36466Endovac Pure – Power Supply
36511Endovac Pure – HVE Universal Adaptor


PE3700/CClear10.2cm x 15.2cm sheets, pack of 1200


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Simplified Procedures

Why does it simplify the dental procedure?



With just one handpiece you can



Reach full working length to deliver irrigants to the
last critical millimeters.


Provide a continuous flow of fresh sodium hypochlorite (NaOCI).


Ensure 3D cleaning.


Minimise the potential for NaOCI accidents

How does it do this?

With Endovac Pure™, the same handpiece delivers and draws the irrigant from the canal via Apical Negative Pressure.

The Endovac Pure™ cannula extends all the way to the apex, so irrigant is continuously pulled to the apical terminus via negative pressure.

At the same time, irrigant and debris are removed from the canal via negative pressure created by a vacuum.

This helps significantly reduce the risks of accidents while still enabling 3D cleaning.

TRADITIONAL IRRIGATION EN_simplicity-traditional-apex-not-clean


IMPROVING ENDODONTIC IRRIGATION – Dental webinar by Prof. Gianluca Gambarini MD, DDS

Sign up to watch this dental webinar by Prof. Gianluca Gambarini MD, DDS.

The webinar describes the limitations of current endodontics irrigation techniques and presents the latest technology by Kerr, EndovacTM Pure, designed to significantly improve effectiveness in canal debridement and disinfection.


Clinical Studies


Discover how the apical negative pressure in Endovac Pure wins the battle against bacteria in the root canal:

  • Technique efficacy measured in terms of bacterial load reduction, dentinal tubule penetration and smear layer removal
  • Ex-vivo study comparing apical negative pressure, conventional and ultrasonic techniques
  • In-vivo study evaluating apical negative pressure and the conventional technique
Endovac Pure


Endovac Pure
Experience the dignity of the Endovac Pure’s industrial design. Engineered with performance and ease of use in mind, the Endovac Pure takes apical negative pressure to the next level by enabling dentists to more efficiently clean and disinfect the root canal than conventional and ultrasonic irrigation techniques.* *Saldana ES, (2016). Unpublished manuscript, Universidad Autonoma de San Luis de Potosi, SLP, MX. (study available on request) MKT 2598
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Watch as endodontists from across North America share their experiences with Endovac Pure, and reveal how this leading edge technology can improve endodontic outcomes for any clinician providing root canal treatment for their patients.