Elements Obturation Unit™

Endodontic Obturation / Fill

The ultimate filling machine

The Elements Obturation Unit™ combines our System B™ technology with a motor-driven extruder handpiece to make obturation efficient, predictable, and accurate. From downpack to backfill, the Elements Obturation Unit puts the Continuous Wave of Condensation Technique into one simple-to-operate device that takes up only 1/3 the space of 2 separate machines.

Elements Obturation Unit Features and Benefits

  • One-touch controls for downpack, backfill and hot pulp testing
  • Each function has preset temperature and duration
  • Tip temperature is continuously maintained and displayed
  • Time-out feature prevents overheating
  • Automatic shut-off precludes using wrong or worn-out tip
  • Plugger heats instantly for immediate use


  • Plugger and extruder handpieces are lightweight, strong and durable
  • Insulation technology keeps handpieces cool for you and the patient
  • Aluminum shields minimize downtime – use one while autoclaving the other


  • Motorized handpiece eliminates hand fatigue and precludes voids
  • Pencil-grip handpiece enhances control and fits standard handpiece holders
  • Precise temperature control for consistency
  • Extra-long prebent needles offer convenience and unprecedented visibility
  • Heats quickly and shuts off automatically
  • Handpiece shows remaining material

Elements Obturation Unit

973-0322Elements Obturation Unit


973-0326Extruder Handpiece (w/2 Shields)
973-0327System B Handpiece (w/2 Shields)
973-0329Extruder Handpiece Silicone Boots
973-0330System B Handpiece Silicone Boots
973-0331Extruder Handpiece Shield
973-0332System B Handpiece Shield
973-0333Power Supply (Transformer)

Elements Obturation Unit gutta-percha Cartridges

972-1002Gauge 23 (medium body)
972-1003Gauge 25 (light body)
972-1005Gauge 23 (heavy body)
972-2002Gauge 23 (medium body)
973-0337Tool for bending needles


Elements Obturation Unit Demonstration