Endodontic Irrigation

True Apical Negative Pressure Irrigation

EndoVac is a true apical negative pressure irrigation system. Instead of applying positive pressure, EndoVac uses suction to PULL irrigant down the root canal, and then up and away into the Hi-Vac suction unit. We call this “negative apical pressure,” because EndoVac applies suction rather than forceful injection to consistently deliver a perfect, bullet-proof performance .

Only SybronEndo brings you this patented EndoVac technology that enables you to provide the gold standard of endodontic care to every one of your patients. 

1. The Multiport-Adapter (MPA)

plugs directly into your office Hi-Vac and serves as a caddy for the EndoVac tubing and other components. It is autoclavable for easy sterilization, and is easily removed and re-attached to the Hi-Vac system for maximum portability between operatories.

2. The Master Delivery Tip (MDT)

plugs directly into the blue port of the MPA and provides a constant flow of irrigant without the risk of overflow. The MDT is used during coronal flaring and after each instrument change to remove gross debris arising from instrumentation.

3. The MacroCannula

is used to remove coarse debris inside the canal after all instrumentation is completed. In this step, the MacroCannula and the MDT are used at the same time. It is helpful to have a dental assistant deliver the irrigant with the MDT while the clinician works the MacroCannula up and down each canal.

4. The MicroCannula

is a 28 gauge needle (0.32 mm) with 12 laser-drilled, microscopic evacuation holes – each less than 100 microns in size – placed at the end of the needle. Fluid is drawn to the apical termination through these holes, creating a vortex-like cleaning of the apical third.




973-3036EndoVac Starter Kit

EndoVac Accessories

973-3004EndoVac Multi-Port Adapter
973-3005Evacuation Tubing (Contains 2 tubes: macro/micrto & MDT)
973-3012Master Delivery Tips (5 PK) AUTOCLAVABLE
973-3013Master Delivery Tips (20 PK) AUTOCLAVABLE
973-3018Fingerpiece-Handpiece Set
973-3021Single EndoVac Handpiece
973-3022Single EndoVac Fingerpiece

EndoVac Cannulas

973-301421mm MicroCannulas (20 pk)
973-301925mm MicroCannulas (5 pk)
973-302025mm MacroCannulas (5 pk)
973-302431mm MicroCannulas (5 pk)
973-302521mm MicroCannulas (5 pk)
973-302625mm MicroCannulas (20 pk)
973-302725mm MacroCannulas (20 pk)


EndoVac Demonstration
For decades, endodontic irrigation involved filling a syringe with sodium hypochlorite, carefully putting it into the canal and then cautiously injecting with positive pressure.
Endovac for Review
EndoVac Animation
EndoVac™: #1 Safety & Efficacy
EndoVac™: #2 Components & Assembly
EndoVac™: #3 Clinical Example
EndoVac™: #4 Parts & Mounting