Dental Procedures

Dental Procedures

Professional dental procedures are at the heart of your practice. Everything has to work together to complete your day successfully, whether you are working on direct and indirect restorations, root canal treatments, prophylaxis or room preparation. At Kerr Dental we are always looking for techniques and solutions to assist you in overcoming the challenges that complex, repetitive or new procedures may bring you.

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Endodontics Procedures

Endodontics procedures and endodontic retreatment require great attention to detail to ensure the comfort of your patient and the accurate removal of the infection.

Kerr Endodontics is constantly developing new solutions to minimise the risks associated with temporary and permanent endodontics procedures, reducing complexities and giving you more confidence during root canal treatments. All this, while improving patient outcomes.

What’s better than success after a most complex procedure? Knowing that it is not a one-off!

We have some great advice on how to carry out a complete tooth reconstruction with a consistent procedure, from root canal all the way to final restoration.

Root Canal Shaping
TF™ Adaptive
Root canal Obturation
Dental Bonding
OptiBond™ All-In-One
Core Build Up
SonicFill™ 2
Permanent Cementation
Maxcem Elite™ Chroma
Finishing and Polishing