Fixafloss is the first multi-functional floss for the gentle and rapid fixation of rubber dams. Its innovative product design combines a waxed dental floss and a conical clamping element in one product, making it particularly suited for dam placements in the anterior area. Depending on the anatomy of the patient’s mouth, Fixafloss is also a gentle alternative to standard metal clamps to fix the rubber dam in posterior teeth.
Fixafloss complements OptiDam™ and SoftClamp.
The gentle alternative to metal clamps:

  • Innovative: first waxed dental floss with conical clamping element included (silicone)
  • Gentle: for gentle rubber dam fixation without a clamp in the anterior area
  • Universal: depending on the anatomical situation, it is also indicated for posterior teeth rubber dam fixation.


5260Fixafloss packaging with integrated cutter blade